Saturday, 20 September 2008

Spontaneous Outpouring

Hello again.

I realise I did post but 5 minutes ago, but that was a *proper* post that I didn't want to wreck by adding other unrelated things that are not worthy of their own proper posts. So think of this as a mopping up session.
Pineapple Express Poster
Item #1: Pineapple Express

It's really shit, don't bother going to see it. I was quite disappointed really, rather than more Superbad-style hilarity, the film opts for an unengaging 'stoners on the run from a baddie' format. The dialogue is long-winded and largely uninteresting (albeit with a few decent one-liners) with the comedy restricted to shitty stoner dialogue that's probably supposed to be funny because it's mundane, but in fact is just mundane, and slapstick. I nearly fell asleep in
the cinema, but that's mainly because I was tired.

Item #2: Nihal (Radio 1)

Is this the worst Photoshop job ever?! The eyes are terrifying...

Item #3: New Look!

Hope you like the new header, badly positioned as it is (I haven't yet mastered HTML, but I'm trying...). This is the first of a few updates, so watch out for them avid readers!
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kokairu said...

The header seems pretty good to me!