Friday, 17 October 2008

Alrewas Arts Festival #2

The playlist:

  1. The Alrewas Arts Festival logo
  2. Tiles of the Riverbank
  3. 'Some Horse Trouble'
  4. The Alrewas Arts Festival in 2 minutes
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Obligatory Update

Wall Street taken above steam stack road works.Image via WikipediaBeing painfully aware that I haven't posted anything in ages, here is 'a post' that I hope may once again open the floodgates to tidal waves of entertaining and informative articles for many months to come.

Obviously the fact that I haven't posted anything means that nothing of note has happened over the last month. Global financial crisis? I don't have any money and therefore don't give a shit. In fact, using my lovely graduate overdraft that I couldn't possibly pay back, I'm probably a part of the problem. Which I'm choosing to believe makes me powerful. Hear that Wall Street?! Want your £2,000 back? Well you can fuck off! HAH!

Here's a list of facts:

  • Voyager One are good. Not massively original but good.
  • I tracked them down after their music was featured on a recent update to LG15:The Resistance, (also featured here), now in its 5th week and turning out to be a good Buffy for the Myspace generation.
  • Dead Set, E4 Big Brother Zombie mashup penned by Charlie Brooker (Nathan Barley co-writer/satirical bastard), sounds awesome.
  • Big Art is Massive.
Anyway, apologies for such an arbitrary update. It's not you, it's me.
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