Saturday, 20 September 2008

LG15: The Resistance kicks off

The third web series from LG15 Studios, creators of LonelyGirl15 and KateModern, officially started today following a series of tasters over the course of last week. The first episode is a kind of montage of these clips, arranged around a story of a girl being held by a sinsister organisation called the Hymn of One (which will be familiar to fans of the previous two series').

The Resistance
appears to centre around a mysterious organisation calling itself the Hymn of None, which is apparently a resistance to the Order, who have been kidnapping and killing girls for their blood... Their first move is to try to recruit the reluctant Jonas (another character from the Breeniverse) as their leader.

It looks like there are due to be ARG elements also. The video mentions an auction that will be taking place in just over a week, while one of the earlier videos features a flash of this URL. Intriguing...

Episode One:

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