Saturday, 29 November 2008


Twitter Meta Moo! too far?Image by Josh Russell via FlickrBlogging is dead man. Game over. Microblogging is future.

So join me, Stephen Fry, and all the cool kids on Twitter (!

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Monday, 17 November 2008

Credit Crunch: The Movie

Not to be confused with The National, an excellent indie band with a touch of The Arcade Fire and Nick Cave about them, The International is representative of something sadly much less interesting.

You see, not at all continuing the trend for derivative, soulless cinema, the folks at Hollywood have managed to create a movie that may perhaps reach out to our international consciousness in these times of financial crisis crunching.

How have they done this? By creating a film about....wait for evil bank. An evil bank. Now call me a cynic, call me an arsehole, whatever you like, but an evil bank for fuck's sake. I bet they were high-fiving in the boardroom when they came up with that. Oh and they've chucked in a bit of good old fashioned post-911 terrorism paranoia by having this evil bank funding terrorism.

The funniest thing about this pathetic marketing ploy of a concept is that noone will be able to afford to see it. The evil banks have lost all their money. Whoops.

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